Image from PRONI in which PRONI have merged a 1914 photograph of Belfast City Hall with a present day image. Copyright to R. Welch. Accompanying article Past and Present in the Frame at PRONI

Past and Present in the Frame at PRONI

Images which span the centuries have been published by the Public Record Office. A series of archival photos of Belfast, taken at the turn of the 20th century, have been merged with pictures of…

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Integrate NI, image of fireworks accompanying article Happy New Year to All?

Happy New Year to All?

In Northern Ireland and most western countries, many celebrate the New Year on the 1st January and its eve on the 31st December for any given year, counting 365 days in twelve months. However,…

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Coming Soon to Integrate NI

Integrate NI aims to bring you everything you need to know about a Multi-Cultural Northern Ireland, while nurturing diversity and cultural expression. We are working hard to get our Website ready…

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Nature and Importance

It has been widely documented that diversity is the secret key to economic renewal. Scientific research supports this view of diversity and recognises it as a strength. When we examine economic…

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Write For The Cause

Is there a topic which you feel needs voiced in Northern Ireland? Are you a budding Journalist with an interest in Multi and Inter-Cultural issues? Does your organisation share our values and do…

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Our Kickstarter Campaign

We will soon be crowdfunding to raise money for the printing and distribution of the first issue of Integrate NI, via the Kickstarter website. We will publish the link as soon as our campaign has…

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Photo of MLAs Raising Awareness of Disability Sport in Northern Ireland

MLAs Raise Awareness of Disability Sport

Assembly Community Connect, in conjunction with Disability Sport NI, today hosted an event in the Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings to raise awareness of disability sports. MLAs competed against…

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Spend this sunday at your home

All hatmakers get into it by accident. I had my dream job: I was working at Queen’s Park for a couple of politicians, but in the end, it wasn’t as perfect for me as I thought. I took a…

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Brume, cailloux et métaphysique

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Tyrion is Right

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Gallery Post

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Image Post

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