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Chatting to Colin Hassard

“I’m a bloody foreigner and you’re a bloody foreigner, therefore let’s accept that we are all bloody foreigners!”  Performance poet, Colin Hassard, chats to us…

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Northern Ireland band tunes into China

Northern Ireland band Silences, could be heading for international stardom. That’s because the five-piece are being promoted all over China; with their faces splashed across buses and around…

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Trapped in a ‘dysfunctional system’

When I came to the UK in 2001, I was happy to start a new life, new country and experience something culturally different. I paid little attention to the stamp on my visa and focused on my goals…

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O-Bon: A feast of Rhythm and Lights

Irasshaimase!  Derry-Londonderry will today, Saturday 6th June, 2015, become the first city in the UK and Ireland to host its very own traditional O-Bon Japanese festival. O-Bon or just simply…

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