SO MANY WAYS TO SAY THE SAME THING… Everyone of us has an accent, admit it or not. Our accent goes to the heart of who we are. It locates us geographically; but what happens when we move…

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Samantha Tungul: Why I Volunteer

Samantha Tungul, our stateside columnist talks about the personal and wider benefits of taking time to volunteer. I decided to start volunteering at my local animal shelter about a year and a half…

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Poetry Corner: The ‘AWK’ Word

Poetry Corner: IDENTITY The ‘AWK’ Word by Philip Robinson (Inspired by a real conversation in Belfast; an emerging cosmoplis) Awk, can I ask ya a wee question? Sorry, doan mean to…

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Quilt It Together: Lagan Village

East Belfast stitches together its community. by Zoe McGivern Lagan Village Youth and Community Centre, recent- ly showcased the work of its inter-cultural women’s group who came together to…

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Poetry Corner: The Wheelchair Monologue

Poetry Corner: IDENTITY The Wheelchair Monologue by AVRIL CATHER I am not an off-road vehicle I am a wheelchair. For Christ’s sake will you slow down, I am a wheelchair, not a rocket. Will you…

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