Rachel Julca, Colourful Houses

They say a true artist is one that doesn’t create because they can; they create because they must. Rachel Julca is an artist of the latter persuasion. ‘Ever since I can remember I was…

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Beyond Skin, Breaking Barriers

Beyond Skin Founder and CEO, Darren Ferguson, has been invited to represent Northern Ireland at this year’s World Music Expo in Budapest in late October; showcasing the achievements of music…

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colin-hassard-Foreign-without-flags-Integrate-NI-Affinity-TV-Northern-Ireland-Culture-Multicultural-Intercultural Affinity NI

Chatting to Colin Hassard

“I’m a bloody foreigner and you’re a bloody foreigner, therefore let’s accept that we are all bloody foreigners!”  Performance poet, Colin Hassard, chats to us…

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Image of Indigenous women holding australia flags, image accompanying article Oz Tralia Day

Oz Tralia Day, Multiple Meanings

The 26th January is Australia Day, which commemorates Captain Cook’s arrival to the southern lands, with 11 ships; and the first flying of the British Flag in Sydney Cove. It is a day that,…

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Keep The Memory Alive

On Tuesday 20th, Belfast celebrated Roma Remembrance at Belfast City Hall, with a candle lighting ceremony with focus on Roma loss as a result of the Holocaust. With five days to Holocaust…

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