Caribbean Week Celebrates Culture of The Islands

The local Caribbean community plans to use the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast to stage their main festive event during this year’s Caribbean Week, to showcase the richness of its talents and culture and heritage outside of the islands.

Caribbean Week 2015 kicks off on Monday 10th Aug, with various activities taking place throughout the week. The multicultural Caribbean Festival, organised by ACSONI (African & Caribbean Support Organisation of Northern Ireland) in partnership with ACAN (Association of Caribbean Nationals) plans, not only to celebrate the various accents, stories, music, rhythm, dance and songs that make-up the Caribbean, but also to incorporate opportunities to reflect on significant periods in Caribbean history, including the Emancipation and Independence days of several countries in the Caribbean region.

This year’s ‘One Love’ theme celebrates not only the display of Caribbean culture but also its integration into Northern Irish culture.

“People of the Caribbean are a very important part of Northern Ireland’s cultural fabric,” said Anthony Richards, of Intercultural Relations NI. The event is not just about hosting and welcoming those from the Caribbean, but also about celebrating the make-up of communities in Northern Ireland, he said.

The week long celebrations will close with a family event on Saturday 15th August, in the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast at 2pm, where the public is encouraged to attend and experience a little Caribbean culture.

“Come share with the Caribbean Community and be part of Caribbean Culture. Come experience the talents and culture that make us so different yet so united in celebration of diversity.  This event is about participation, engagement and cultural awareness, encouraging learning between communities ,” commented the manager of ACSONI

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