Rachel Julca, Colourful Houses

They say a true artist is one that doesn’t create because they can; they create because they must. Rachel Julca is an artist of the latter persuasion. ‘Ever since I can remember I was…

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mary-meets-mohammad-belfast-nortehrn-ireland-integrate-ni-affinity-culture-diversity-magazine-newspaper-affinity-tv-media affinity ni

Mary Meets Mohammad Screening Belfast

Part of UK National Hate Crime Awareness Week. Northern Ireland Community of Refugees and Asylum Seekers (NICRAS) alongside the Housing Exectutive present the multi award winning doc, Mary Meets…

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Africa Day 2015

Infusion of colour, a smile and a burst of taste, the click of a tongue and the rhythm of the drum is how I would best describe the memory of a sunny day in Bangor Museum, where young and old came…

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Two Hours of Africa Image - Intercultural - Multicultural Northern Ireland- Integrate NI - Affinity TV.

Two Hours of Africa.

Two hours of Africa.  Quite a challenge given that Africa is a continent and not a country, let me reiterate that, Africa is not a country.  Yes, it is in fact made up of 54 counties and has…

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