Image: © The Sacramento Bee. Indian Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers perform motorcycle stunts during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi

Republic Day 2015: India

Republic Day is one of the three national holidays in India and is the largest festival in the country. It is celebrated every year on January 26 with a large parade held in New Delhi and various…

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Image of Indigenous women holding australia flags, image accompanying article Oz Tralia Day

Oz Tralia Day, Multiple Meanings

The 26th January is Australia Day, which commemorates Captain Cook’s arrival to the southern lands, with 11 ships; and the first flying of the British Flag in Sydney Cove. It is a day that,…

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Human Trafficking, A Local Problem

Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 11th January 2015 Human trafficking is a form of organised crime that generates billions of pounds each year and is ranked second, after drug trafficking. This…

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Integrate NI, image of fireworks accompanying article Happy New Year to All?

Happy New Year to All?

In Northern Ireland and most western countries, many celebrate the New Year on the 1st January and its eve on the 31st December for any given year, counting 365 days in twelve months. However,…

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