Five Small Asks

The Law Centre NI, a not-for-profit agency working to advance social welfare rights and social justice in Northern Ireland, has called for support of five key actions to further welcome refugees in Northern Ireland.

The Law Centre which is a member of the Refugee and Asylum Forum which supports the call for Syrian refugees to be resettled in Northern Ireland has identified five key actions that Stormont could take to smooth the integration of newly arriving Syrian refugees and considerably improve the situa- tion for current asylum seekers and refugees.

Having recognised that Northern Ireland’s people have opened their hearts in a massive show of sup- port for Syrian refugees, Law Centre representatives say,

“We are now calling for our politicians to put peo- ple’s wishes into action and support five actions that will make Northern Ireland truly welcoming and SAFER for refugees.

“We need your help to end the big injustice. We know that asylum seekers have to go through many hurdles to be accepted as refugees, but the big in- justice is that additional restrictions make their lives very precarious while they wait for a decision.

“We presented the ‘five key actions’ to a specially convened meeting of Belfast City Council. We are pleased with the initial response and will continue to press the Northern Ireland Executive to do all that

is in its power to ensure the successful settlement of refugees.

“You can email your MLA and councillors and ask them to support the five actions to make refugees safer.”



Refugees and their children should not be left with no money and no home because of administrative delays.


Consult with the refugee sector when planning how to welcome refugees.


Long term support for refugee integration – Core funding for asylum and refugee support groups.


Free English classes for refugees so they can help their children at school and contribute to society.


…more than 67% of Northern Ireland adults wish they hadn’t let language skills from their school days slip

A plan to coordinate support services such as education, hate crime, jobs and integration.


– Stop jailing asylum seekers who don’t have the right travel documents – Stop putting asylum seekers in detention centres (they can be detained at any stage in the process for an unlimited length of time) – Stop forcing them to live on only £5 a day and sometimes on absolutely nothing – Allow them to work, live independent lives and contribute to society!

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