Learning to Live Together; Another Key to Success

Life is not easy; one must assume an attitude of total and continuous learning for adaptation and improvement amid a diverse society.

One of the necessary qualities is what I call ‘social skills’ to win friends and create better living that allows self and other development. Humans are social beings by nature, we cannot live away from others for long periods of time; we need others for our own improvement and development.

However, achieving this in another culture, different than your own, in which the language is varied, ideology, lifestyle and society make up are different, requires you to take a learning attitude, as I said above.

I remember two proverbs which helped me greatly in this area and I would like to share them with you: ‘He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever’ and ‘before he can have friends, he must be friendly toward others.’ Learning is necessary to understand the values that motivate people; to discover their needs and to therefore have an approach.

It is, you might say, “studying” people closely. Not for selfish purposes, but an approach in which to gather common ideas in order to grow as human beings. Note that this can not be achieved by having ideas or prejudices about that.

anthony-avatar-fullI will give a very simple example: I have friends in Brazil, I had I had a stereotyped view that their only interest was to play football, similarly, I have friends from the United states, I believed that they all seek to capitalise and expand; this is far from the truth.

You must remove these stereotypes, ideas and prejudices. Generally the vast majority of immigrants arriving keep a sense of social inferiority to others. My dear reader, you will never gain good friends with that attitude, be it a holiday or relocation in a different country, try to make good friends.

However, applying the second proverb, maintain a friendly attitude; genuine attitudes like openness, solidarity and trust, even if it is difficult at times, show that you have something of value to offer to others. Know yourself and your qualities which others appreciate.

Improve the way you reach out to others. A simple smile can go a long way. It is those little details that give a lot of strength to relationships. Which later may become great friendships that last a lifetime?

I believe that open attitudes improve our social life; genuine friendships give value to our lives and allow us to find ourselves in others. These approaches push us in life learning to achieving worthwhile goals that will enrich us as a person.

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