Nature and Importance

It has been widely documented that diversity is the secret key to economic renewal.

Scientific research supports this view of diversity and recognises it as a strength. When we examine economic ecosystems, we find that growth thrives with high levels of diversity.

“Greater, diverse networks can solve greater, complex problems.”

Diversity, openness, and inclusiveness are part of a healthy innovative system. Equally, high levels of diversity create greater levels of social tension.

Northern Ireland, is highly polarised today. There is an obvious divide with some asserting that opening the barriers for diversity, strengthens the economy for all. While others argue that opening the barriers is harming the people already here, lowering wages and spreading public resources too far.

Looking at published statistics, we can say that the latter assumption is incorrect. How can we address this polarisation? How can we relay the correct facts and information to a wider audience in Northern Ireland?

Integrate NI, aims to reach a wider audience of people who would not necessarily look for this information in their every day lives. This will be done through a free print version of the paper distributed in publication stands, in prime locations such as shopping centres, public transport stations, leisure centres etc, initially around Belfast and with growth throughout the whole of Northern Ireland.

To be able to go to print and approach this publication with integrity, we ask for the support of local businesses and organisations who share our values, to promote positive relations and community cohesion and defend these values of the multicultural society of Northern Ireland.

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