Poetry Corner: The ‘AWK’ Word

Poetry Corner: IDENTITY

The ‘AWK’ Word

by Philip Robinson

(Inspired by a real conversation in Belfast; an emerging cosmoplis)

Awk, can I ask ya a wee question? Sorry, doan mean to embarrass ya, but
“were ya born here?”

<< uh, why is that embarrassing? >>
Awk you know, doan wanna make assumptions.

<< No, I wasn’t born here. >> Awk, ya never know.
Now, can ya spell yer wee name?

<< err… um… S.M.I.T.H? >>
Awk, I thought it would be something strange. haha.

<< well, there’re many black people called “Smith”. >>
Awk, I know but ya never know.
So did ya come here for work or love?

<< I love to work. >>
Awk, just getting things in perspective. Yer partner from here then?

<< no, my wife’s also from the Caribbean. >>
Awk lovely! I have a friend whose wife is from South Africa!

<< wow, that’s nice >>
Awk you must miss it! She does. She’s a lovely girl. You know – a lovely personality.

<< I can imagine. I’ve never been to South Africa. >> Awk, but I bet ya miss the weather.

<< (sigh) awk…. yes >>

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