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Sunshine in Ulster

Sunshine in Ulster is a photographic exhibition portraying people of Caribbean heritage living, working and participating in everyday life in Northern Ireland, as residents and citizens. It runs…

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Chatting to Colin Hassard

“I’m a bloody foreigner and you’re a bloody foreigner, therefore let’s accept that we are all bloody foreigners!”  Performance poet, Colin Hassard, chats to us…

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Northern Ireland band tunes into China

Northern Ireland band Silences, could be heading for international stardom. That’s because the five-piece are being promoted all over China; with their faces splashed across buses and around…

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Trapped in a ‘dysfunctional system’

When I came to the UK in 2001, I was happy to start a new life, new country and experience something culturally different. I paid little attention to the stamp on my visa and focused on my goals…

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O-Bon: A feast of Rhythm and Lights

Irasshaimase!  Derry-Londonderry will today, Saturday 6th June, 2015, become the first city in the UK and Ireland to host its very own traditional O-Bon Japanese festival. O-Bon or just simply…

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Voices of The New Belfast Documentary

The inspiration for this film project came from the outrage that a group of us felt at the stories in the news of attacks on immigrants in Sydenham, people being denied housing and the whole…

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Africa Day 2015

Infusion of colour, a smile and a burst of taste, the click of a tongue and the rhythm of the drum is how I would best describe the memory of a sunny day in Bangor Museum, where young and old came…

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Two Hours of Africa.

Two hours of Africa.  Quite a challenge given that Africa is a continent and not a country, let me reiterate that, Africa is not a country.  Yes, it is in fact made up of 54 counties and has…

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Why Roma provide an opportunity for N.I

Andy Shallice and Zoe Santa Cruz McGivern write about what we can all learn from Roma. It is commonplace to see the word ‘Roma’ juxtaposed to ‘homeless’, ‘beggar’ and ‘benefits’…

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