Urban Villages for Cross-Community Engagement

The OFMDFM have announced of two new urban villages in Belfast and Derry/Londonderry and hopes this can be used to promote positive cross-community engagement in these areas.

The Community Relations Council has also welcomed this announcement,

‘The prospect of social, physical and economic regeneration of the Markets, Donegall Pass and Sandy Row areas of Belfast and The Fountain and Bogside areas of Derry/Londonderry is very welcome. We await with interest the detail of this and how it is to be resourced

‘In order to build a united community this initiative must be grounded in reconciliation and peacebuilding work. Therefore it is essential that local networks and infrastructures engaged in tackling sectarianism and racism are fully involved in the development and implementation of urban village initiatives.

‘CRC hopes that the regeneration offered by the urban villages will be driven by a need to create open, welcoming, safe and accessible spaces and communities. Only in this way can we ensure a strong community relations outcome for Building A United Community,’ Chair Peter Osborne.

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