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Is there a topic which you feel needs voiced in Northern Ireland?

Are you a budding Journalist with an interest in Multi and Inter-Cultural issues?

Does your organisation share our values and do positive work within the Multi Cultural sector in NI?

Do you love reviewing cultural films, food, theatre, music and dance?

GET IN TOUCH. If you would like to write for us or have an idea for an article which we could develop, please let us know.

WE WANT YOUR PRESS RELEASES. If you work in the Multi Cultural sector in Northern Ireland, we want your Press Releases. We want to publish all the positive work being done within our Multi Cultural society.



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Image: Write For The Cause


Integrate NI relies for the most part on a mix of articles from its readers and from established authors on Multi and Inter-Cultural related subjects in Northern Ireland. If you would like to contribute an article or pictures for possible inclusion in a future issue of Integrate NI, please refer to the editorial and pictorial guidelines below.

Editorial Guidelines


Integrate NI readers are interested in two things:

1.Practical, inspiring articles about projects and organisations that inspire and empower people to do something for themselves and/or their community, whether it be a Multi-Cultural arts project, cross-community work, setting up an integration project, teaching others about their cultural heritage, starting a community project… any cultural diversity project-big or small. Also appreciated are innovative people care ideas such as how communities/groups organise themselves, make decisions and resolve conflict. Articles published in Integrate NI help other people and projects all over Northern Ireland and afar that are looking for practical ideas, models, or to learn something new about the many cultures present in Northern Ireland.

2.Integrate NI also welcomes articles on a wide range of subjects relating to the Multi-Cultural sector in Northern Ireland. These can be stories about cultures, communities and projects. They can also be about subjects like the impact of different cultures on the Northern Ireland of today, cultural arts, music and literature reviews, sports and culture; the importance of cultural diversity in our society and myth busting articles. We are looking for examples of pioneering news, ways of living together and we appreciate critical thinking. We are NOT looking for articles which undermine other cultures – with biased views – we are more interested in articles which challenge prejudices and tackle hard issues in a safe way to promote Positive relations and community cohesion; while nurturing the diversity of cultural expressions.


Length 500-1,500 words maximum per article. Articles can be emailed to info@integrateni.com either in the body of the email or as an attached MS Word document. Before writing an article you are most welcome to email us with questions or send a synopsis. Unfortunately we are unable to make payment for articles at this present time, but you will receive a byline.

Photographs & Illustrations

Photographs make all the difference to an article and we like to receive as many as possible to choose from. Please send only photographs that illustrate your article and are of a high enough quality for reproduction (sharpness/composition/colour quality). We would also appreciate a photograph of the author of the article.

Digital photographs are prefered, taken at the highest resolution possible because we will print the publication at 300dpi. As an easy guide we require each picture to be at least 1000k (1MB) in size, though JPEGs of around 4MB are preferable. If shooting for or submitting possible cover images please be aware that we require portrait aspect pictures of at least 2600 x 3660 pixels (minimum file size 4.5MB). Therefore photos downloaded from facebook or the internet CANNOT be accepted due to their low resolution

Please supply one or two sentence captions, and photographer credits, per picture or group of pictures. Include the names of anyone in the photograph if at all possible.

Recognisable photographs of people be should model released or at least have the person’s permission to use it. Pictures of minors must be accompanied by a model release form signed by the child’s parents or guardians (forms can be found online or available from us on request). It is the photographer’s legal responsibility to ensure all pictures are cleared for reproduction both in the Integrate NI publication and on the web.

Diagrams are welcome as JPEG files or TIF files.

If you have any editorial questions please contact the editor, (info@integrateni.com).

We regret it is not possible to pay for articles or picture at the present time.

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